Independence Actinvest is an independent financial advisor. It does not belong to any financial or industrial institution. It is London based and FSA regulated.   London: European Financial Centre Short Description of Activities Actinvest Corp. specialises in advising on corporate finance  transactions, mainly in Italy, and in Western Europe. It also supplies personalized sector analysis on demand,  aimed at defining its clients’ strategy in certain markets and  outlining possible targets of acquisitions, disinvestments or  joint ventures.  Actinvest Corp. has advised large international financial and  industrial groups interested in  investing in Italy but also  Italian companies (private and public) interested in finding  external partners.    It has assisted international groups, mainly Asians and  Americans, interested in acquiring companies in Europe  and it has assisted Italian groups wishing to acquire foreign  companies as part of their growth strategy.  For a list of  recent examples please click here. Actinvest co-operates and work jointly with some primary  international investment banks.   Actinvest is a "research driven" company and believes in  the importance of a deep knowledge of the industrial and  marketing strategies both of the client and of the target.    The fundamental approach of Actinvest Corp.  is to create  its own projects; this means to offer its customers strategic  advices which can increase their effectiveness and value.  Actinvest has developed a specific knowledge in the retail,  fashion, luxury, banking, luxury yachts, utilities and in the  airports sectors.      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actinvest Corp. Strengths Actinvest Corp. is in the ideal position to provide its clients with  top quality assistance in their acquisition/divestiture of Italian  and foreign companies for a number of reasons, among which  we would highlight the following:   • Independence.  • Attention to and comprehension of both strategic and financial  aspects. • Detailed knowledge of Italy in its various aspects from a team  of internationally-minded Italians based in London.  • A good understanding of financial and business environment  in non Italian markets due to the long established international  experience of its people  • When it comes to advising buyers of family owned  companies, Actinvest is well aware of their peculiarities. It is  experienced in adopting all specific analytical and negotiating  approaches that these situations require.  • Our organisation is very flexible and streamlined. This allows  Actinvest to devote as much attention as is needed also to  smaller deals (typically involving companies in the $20m to  $100m turnover bracket), which would often be non-profitable  for more merchant banks.  • Actinvest attaches the utmost importance to maintaining the  highest standard of ethical behaviour which among other things  means:     - avoiding every possible conflict of interest;       - clearly representing its client;     - working to optimise its client's interest;     - paying great attention to confidentiality.

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Contact us Actinvest Corporation Ltd.   146-148 Cromwell Road London SW7 4EF Tel   +44 20 7259 2193 Fax +44 20 7373 2864 Info: Research driven Actinvest is a "research driven" company. It believes in the importance of a deep knowledge of the industrial and marketing strategies both of the client and of the target.   Actinvest Corporation, 146-148 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4EF, Registered in England and Wales under no  2560165